Why is it Important to be Honest? – Essay

Someone who is honest always tells the truth and don’t deceive others or break the law. He or she also gives their sincere opinion on something even if it is not very pleasant. Synonyms of honesty are trustworthy, upright, and truthfulness. It involves expressing openly to another individual the fullness of inner experience without giving in to your individual psychological defenses. To attain trustworthiness, you have to understand the emotional pain that brought about rise to defenses in the first place. Next confront the pain head-on, so as to heal and transform it.

Below are the qualities of honest individuals;

  • They are not concerned with what others think of them. They are proud of their personality and others can choose to accept or leave it.
  • A trustworthy person stands for his or her belief, always stating their opinions even when their perceptions go against other people.
  • They often fall victim to the defensiveness of other people. Honest people are, therefore,
    thick-skinned and hence best prepared to deal with counterattacks and revenge.

Why is it important to be honest?

  • Honesty forms the foundation for a long-lasting and hence enjoyable relationship. It will enable you to build the trust necessary for security in a relationship.
  • Being honest enables other people to read and understand your mind. It involves speaking the truth about what you feel.
  • It gives you high-quality friends. When you are trustworthy you attract honest and hence helpful friends who will add value to your life.
  • It prevents gossip, lies, and deception. When you are trustworthy, people will always know the truth and people won’t try to figure out the truth.
  • It eliminates feelings of betrayal because concealing the truth hurts others more than the truth itself. People won’t question why you did not speak the truth in the first place.
  • The attribute reduces stress. Faking a personality requires constant attention preventing you from relaxing and being just who you are.
  • It improves relationships and saves you from living a lie. When truthful, you don’t have to cover one lie after another eventually possibly spiraling out of control.
  • It makes other people trust in you, confide in you and as such allow you to impact positively on others.
  • It brings about simplicity in life. Every time you are not truthful you create a different reality and consequently you are forced to live in two different worlds.
  • Gives you self-confidence; trustworthy people trust Your ability to trust yourself brings about life-changing power.
  • The attribute creates wellness. Studies have linked honesty to reduced colds, less depression, less fatigue and less anxiety.
  • It prevents trouble; truthfulness keeps you out of trouble of your own making. Being dishonest is a recipe for problems and failure.
  • It makes you credible; when you are honest you build credibility which implies that your words concur with the truth.
  • Trustworthiness gives you freedom; there is a considerable freedom when you know that you never have to make up for your lies.
  • Honesty enables leaders to create opportunities for following who will reciprocate by taking social responsibilities, embrace teamwork and attain personal and organizational goals.


Start dealing with other people honestly from the bottom of your heart you will connect with and attract useful people in your life. You will also lead a simple and fulfilling life. You won’t have to worry about covering your lies and maintaining the fake lifestyle that you have created
before others. There is a lot to be gained both at a personal level and at the societal level when we embrace the virtue of trustworthiness.

By: Joni Kim