Essay on The Effects of Global Warming

The Effects of Global Warming – Essay 1

Over the years the warming of the Earth has grown the concern of people all over the world. The increased temperature of the globe has grown mainly because of the Industrial Revolution Era, which has caused the greenhouse effect, a trapping of heat in the Earth’s atmosphere. Without the Industrial Revolution Era the greenhouse effect would keep the Earth’s temperature maintained naturally. This natural temperature would make it safe for humans and all living things to live on Earth, without the worry of extinction. Global warming also known as climate change, is a term used by scientists, because the winds and the ocean currents move heat around the globe, making it cool in some areas and hot in others. The change in temperature around the world continues to make it hard for life to exist on the planet, which is why many animals may move to different areas at certain times of year or even die. Global warming, a gradual increase in the Earth’s temperature caused by high levels of carbon dioxide, is a concern that many continue to try to fix all over the world.

Even though the natural greenhouse effect would be better for all life on the planet, there are effects that come with this process of change, that causes global warming. Some of these effects are:

  • More severe and frequent weather
  • Higher death rates
  • More air pollution
  • Higher extinction rates with wildlife
  • More acidic oceans
  • Higher sea levels
  • Increased wildfires
  • More hurricanes
  • Increase in forest deaths
  • Severe droughts in some areas
  • Increased pressure on groundwater supplies
  • Growing risk to electricity supplies
  • Melting ice in the Arctic
  • Disruptions to food supplies around the world
  • Destruction of coral reefs

Global warming continues to be a risk to everyone in the world and without a plan on how to fix the increased temperatures humans, plants, and animals all over the world will continue to be at risk of extinction. Even though the climate change in the world has always happened, more recently the world has seen a rise in temperature with a new era in time. Only when people figure out how to keep the Industrial Era under control, will they be able to control the climate change in the world. With this control there will come longer living in all life on Earth as well as an understanding of how to keep the planet’s temperature maintained for everyone.


Negative Effects of Global Warming – Essay 2

Are you aware of the consequences that global warming poses to the world’s life? If your answer is a resounding no, then this is the place to be. Every year, weather experts learn more about what global warming can do to this world.

This essay will explain the negative effects of global warming. Read on to find out.

  • Global warming results in severe droughts, water shortage, early snowmelt and high risk of forest fires.
  • It raises the sea levels which causes flooding in the coastal areas. As a result of that, it poses a danger to human life.
  • It poses a danger to the field of Agriculture and fisheries due to increasing heat waves, extreme downpours and the rise of new dangerous pests increased flooding.
  • It disrupts different habitats of the world’s life, leading to the extinction of some plants and animals.
  • Global warming leads to the growth of ragweed which leads to an outbreak of infectious diseases, allergies, asthma. Consequently, this poses a threat to human


Change is an individual effort. Consequently, every single person in the world as a role in playing when it comes to eradication of global warming. It is obvious that global warming poses a danger to all the world’s life. Therefore, every single human should strive to slow down the rate of globalization in the world.

By Maureen

Updated on May 5, 2020