Short Essay on Save Rivers

Save Rivers – Essay 1

“Saving rivers” means protecting rivers from hazardous materials. It does not just make the environment healthier, but also makes the people and animals healthy as well. With changes happening all of the time in the world, the growing years continue to see the safety of natural resources like rivers, change for the worst. Unclean water and pollution have driven life in and around the water to become endangered. It is important for rivers to stay safe and clean because it is a main water source for many communities. Some rivers provide communities with drinking water as well as a source for keeping their crops alive. Keeping the rivers clean from trash is helpful because it keeps the rivers from being contaminated with dangerous bacteria that can threaten the lives of people and animals.

Beside the ones discusses above, there are many benefits that come with protecting the rivers. Some of these benefits are:

  • Reduces the impact of floods
  • Enables plants and animals to thrive
  • Makes it possible for fishing and boat
  • Preserves important ecosystems
  • Helps us understand the evolution of our planet by containing the formation and geologic formations
  • Using biodegradable cleaning products at home with the use of water
  • Rivers act as drainage channels for surface water
  • Provides habitats and food for many of the earth’s organisms
  • Provides fertile soil
  • Provides energy

Without the protection of rivers, humanity will have to worry about one of their main sources of energy being in danger. Not only does food and water a main source of supply for everyone to survive on, it is also one of the main sources of energy in the world. This means that it is vital for people in the world to cherish and protect rivers and the life in the rivers. Keeping rivers clean for river routes and for animals like ducks, otters, and beavers are also important because these animals are what helps the health of the environment. Keeping the rivers clean will keep an open mind and understanding of why it is important to have a healthy river environment for everyone.


Save Rivers – Essay 2

The earth we leave in today is made up of two-thirds of water. Hence, we have the privilege of having oceans, seas and rivers. However, water bodies have been subjected to a lot of waste dumps and other pollutants in general. This is especially true when it comes to our rivers.

There are a lot of reasons why we need to save riversRivers are essential to man, animals and plants, and they in effect sustain entire ecosystems. They are a source of potable water, water for irrigation for agriculture, and also for power generation. They are also vital for transportation, food and leisure.

Rivers are major sources of livelihood for countless people over the globe. This is because they are major sources of freshwater for human use. However, these sources of life are dwindling, and this is undoubtedly going to constitute a major problem as so many people depend on these bodies of water.

Since our lives depend so much on these rivers, it is our duty to save, preserve, and maintain rivers.

By Caleb (edited)

Last updated on May 6, 2020