Paragraph on Importance of Wildlife

Updated on May 19, 2020.

Wildlife is one of the vital elements of nature which helps in stabilizing the environment. Wildlife mainly includes wild animals and flora & fauna in a particular area. Organisms, plants and all species of animals are a part of wildlife. They are scattered around the world and sustain in different climatic conditions such as in cold mountains, hot deserts, and tropical forests.

Importance of Wildlife – Paragraph 1

The importance of wildlife is as follows:

  1. Wildlife is linked to many other aspects of our ecosystem, and the killing of carnivores which are at the top in the system will lead to an increase in the population of herbivores. This will further affect the vegetation.
  2. Animal products such as medicines and meat are used to earn money.
  3. Some animals are also used to test the effect of medications which will be used by humans later on.
  4. Wildlife is vital for the maintenance of a more diverse ecosystem as a diverse ecosystem is more stable in the long run.
  5. Wildlife is needed for zoos and recreation purposes as well. People enjoy looking at different animals in wildlife sanctuaries and zoos.
  6. Wildlife is of cultural and religious importance in many countries, and most of them have a national animal which projects the country as a whole.
  7. Organisms are essential for the growth of crops in irrigation and agriculture.

Hence, the conservation of wildlife is of utmost importance.

By Rohan

Importance of Wildlife – Paragraph 2

Wildlife is among the precious gifts created by God on the planet. It not only includes enormous and wild animals but also consists of those life forms that cannot be domesticated like plants, birds, insects, microscopic organisms, etc. When it comes to wildlife and its importance, the prime reason is that they help in balancing the environment and maintain the stability with a variety of natural processes.

Wildlife also helps in keeping the environment healthy and clean. Microorganisms, slime molds, bacteria, earthworms, fungi, etc., eat the plants and waste of an animal. They decompose them and help in providing the soil with chemicals that make it more fertile. Not only this, the vultures and the eagles help the nature by eating the dead bodies of animals keeping the environment clean. Just think how would a forest filled with dead bodies look like! Thanks to the wildlife.

These are some of the reasons that would reveal the importance of wildlife.

By Venu (edited)