Short Paragraph on Friend

A friend is a person whom you meet at a social or formal setting and develops a bond after a few meetings. He/she is a person who can be trusted and can be considered as an extended family. A classmate or a colleague whom one greets occasionally is not a friend but just an acquaintance. According to research, one has to spend a considerable amount of hours to develop that bond of friendship.

  1. Friends act as the backbone and support in hardships and sufferings.
  2. Friends encourage, inspire and motivate to move further ahead in life.
  3. A friend is the one who accepts us as our true selves, e., shortcomings and flaws.
  4. Friends help and guide us to the right path and hold us together on every speed breaker of life.
  5. Children can develop the habit of sharing and caring when they have friends.
  6. Children can learn from their friends and can grow into responsible adults. It applies to everyone regardless of age.
  7. Life becomes more fun and enjoyable with friends as they can do much stuff together such as playing etc.

Hence, a friend is a significant part of life. Even animals have friends which project the value of it.

By Rohan