Short Paragraph on Gardens and Its Benefits

A garden is a piece of land in a house where grass, plants, flowers, fruits, and vegetables are grown. It can be a public garden too which is usually developed in cities to provide it with some greenery. These gardens are used as a tourist attraction as well as a picnic spot for locals. There are lots of exotic species of plants which grow naturally or are planted by human.

The benefits of gardens are as follows:

  1. Gardens help in reducing pollution as plants and trees inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen in the daytime.
  2. Gardens add to the greenery of a house or a city which is very necessary.
  3. Gardens make houses and cities more beautiful and peaceful.
  4. Gardens are the perfect place for picnics and also reduce the stress of the outside world.
  5. We can grow lots of fresh and chemical-free fruits and vegetables which are both healthy and economical..
  6. It acts as a home to lots of birds and small animals.
  7. You can learn a lot of things from a garden about the different species of plants.

Thus, gardens are an inevitable part of a human’s life.

By Rohan