Short Paragraph on Pets

A pet is also known as a companion which is kept at home for the purpose of companionship, leisure, protection, and entertainment. Dogs and cats are the most widely known pets who live together in the house of their owners. But there are other animals as well which can be considered as a pet such as tigers are a popular pet in the Middle East.

  1. Pets provide with health benefits as pets always keep their owners on their toes and also, they are supposed to take their pets on walks.
  2. Pets complete the void in people’s lives who don’t have any social life or who are disconnected from the outer world.
  3. Pets make your life more vibrant by making you laugh and happy.
  4. Pets provide with comfort in difficult times as pets like dogs can read facial expressions.
  5. Pets keep their owners active as they have to take care of their pets.
  6. Pets provide and increase one’s self-esteem and confidence.
  7. People are less likely to go into depression or stress, which increases the longevity of the owners of the pets.

Thus, pets are more than just animals as they become a part of the family.

By Rohan