Short Paragraph on Pollution

Pollution, in simple words, refers to the contamination of air or water bodies. Our world is suffering from a great misfortune right now due to the constant rise of pollution across the countries in the world. Therefore, it becomes even more important to save and preserve our environment for the future generation.

  1. Pollution affects our health and causes a lot of respiratory and skin diseases.
  2. Pollution affects the air quality that we breathe in and hence, make us feel depressed.
  3. Pollution in the air or water bodies also affect the animals besides humanity.
  4. It also has a dire impact on the aesthetics of any country.
  5. A country with high levels of pollution will definitely see less tourism or tourists because nobody wants to be sick.
  6. Saving the environment for the future generations is essential.
  7. Pollution in the air and water also degrades the quality of the crops and fishes that we consume.

Therefore, saving the planet from the effects of pollution is vital, and we should make all efforts to ensure a non-polluted environment.

By Rohan