Short Paragraph on Rainy Day

The monsoon season is loved by all and is considered to be the best of all seasons. The rainy day makes the day a pleasant one, and the atmosphere is filled with joy. Whether children, adults or seniors- everyone loves this day.

  • Rain provides water for the harvesting of crops which gives us food to eat.
  • Rain gives everyone a relief after the dust and heat of the summer.
  • Rain provides for water to drink, which is the essential element of human life.
  • Post-rainy day is a scenic beauty for everyone and is loved by small children as they come out on the streets, enjoy and float paper boats.
  • Rain provides for a balance in nature, by maintaining the weather cycle around the world.
  • Rain gives life to flora and fauna, as animals tend to drink water from the stored water post-rains.
  • Rain calls for delicious food on a pleasant day, which includes various types of snacks to justify the weather.

Conclusion: Therefore, a rainy day not only helps to overcome heat and dust but also provides for a lovely atmosphere, leading to a good mood.

By Rohan