Short Paragraph on Reading and its Importance

Reading is the skill of decoding the meaning of a group of words in an article or a book. Reading is a helpful skill which is needed in all walks of life such as in schools, colleges, jobs and for daily activities. Reading is one of the first activities that are taught in school to children as it is the most crucial skill. People who enjoy reading in their free time gain a lot of benefits.

The importance of reading is as follows:

  1. It is rightly said that people who never read live one life but people who read live a hundred lives. It means that we get to experience the life of the person in the book just by reading it.
  2. It improves our linguistic skills of a particular language.
  3. It increases our vocabulary, sentence correction, and spelling of words.
  4. It provides us with the wisdom which is very useful.
  5. It is known to decrease stress and tension.
  6. Reading improves your sense of reasoning, wonder, and creativity.
  7. Reading books guides you to the right path in life and makes you humble and sensitive.

Therefore, we should spend at least an hour every day reading a book we like!

By Rohan