Short Paragraph on Reduce Reuse Recycle

In the recent past, we have witnessed a depletion in the environment resulting in increased pollution, thus leading to dangerous diseases to human life and harm to flora and fauna in the atmosphere. 3R’s- Reduce, Reuse & Recycle is a method to curb this depletion to increase further.

  • Reduce is reducing the amount of waste you produce in the environment. For example: using less plastic, carpooling with friends, etc.
  • Reuse is reusing the commodities that will lead to less emission of waste in the environment. For example: Reusing your plastic bags, reusing bottles, etc.
  • Recycle is to transform the used products into another form so that it can be reused
  • Following 3R’s will lead to sustainable development for a better
  • This will lead to decreased levels of pollution in the environment.
  • Lesser the pollution, better the health index of the country resulting in healthier people.
  • It will result in less wastage of the natural resources which shall help to compensate for the increasing population for the future.

Conclusion: 3R’s is the most effective way to reduce the environmental depletion due to toxic waste being emitted in large numbers. The result of less waste is positive for the environment, human health, and the economy.

By Rohan