Short Paragraph on Science And Technology And Its Importance

Science and technology include the topics of Science, Technology and the interrelationship between the two. In the modern era, Science and Technology is the most crucial element for the development of the nation.

Importance of science and technology is as under:

  • Through science and technology, the life becomes easy and comfortable.
  • It has provided with faster modes of transport, thus saving time.
  • It has provided people with a platform to communicate better, efficiently and at lower prices.
  • It has helped in better individual development as a person by providing knowledge of varied topics.
  • With regular developments in science and technology, the impossible has become possible.
  • Regular advancements have led to new opportunities for the people to study and pursue a particular field.
  • It provides a person with a platform to use their creativity and with the help of it create unique products.

Conclusion: Science and Technology, though good for the development of the nation and gives ease to the daily life of human beings, as it is said “science is a good and useful servant, but it is a bad, destructive master” Therefore it should be used in a cautious and non-habitual way.

By Rohan