Short Paragraph on Solar System

The collection of eight planets is known as Solar System, along with their moons in orbit around the sun. It also includes other bodies such as asteroids, meteors, and comets.

  • The center point of the solar system is the Sun, it is vast and made up of hot gases.
  • The sun provides for a pulling force that binds the whole solar system.
  • All the planets of the solar system move around the sun on a path known as orbits.
  • The planets are in the following Order-Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune.
  • It also consists of stars, those are hot, big and made up of gases, having their light and heat.
  • The solar system consists of constellations which are formed by a pattern of a group of stars.
  • Our solar system is the part of Milky Way Galaxy; there are a million of galaxies that make the universe.

Conclusion: The constellation of stars is a beauty to the eyes and give meaning to each of them. Therefore, the Solar system not only includes the planets, but moons to those planets, stars, and other small bodies that form part of the system.

By Rohan