Short Paragraph on Summer Season

Summer is the hottest season of the year, and it arrives right after spring and before autumn. The days are longer and nights are shorter during the summer season. It comes as a relief to the chilling cold days of the winter season.

  • During summer you can enjoy swimming in the water bodies like a lake, pool, etc. as it cools one off and has a comfortable time.
  • You can enjoy various types of cold drinks during this season and satisfy your thirst.
  • Not to forget, summer is the season for Ice Cream which is loved by all, be it be a child, adult or senior citizen and is available in different flavors.
  • One tends to travel a lot during the summer season and loves to explore different places and enjoy the vacation.
  • During this season there is a plethora of fruits and salad which can help you beat the heat and have a happy
  • The longer days make one active and energetic unlike that of cold winter days. One can work efficiently and plan a lot of other stuff during the summer days.
  • You can dress light unlike heavy clothing during winters, and summer clothing is bright and light making everyone joyful.

Conclusion: What’s your favorite summer routine?

By Rohan