Short Paragraph on Television

Television is a beautiful gift of science to the people. Television has both entertainment and educational purpose in it. It occupies millions of minds by showing moving images in the form of Movies, TV Series, Cartoons, Educational programs, etc.

  • It helps children to exchange cultural experiences with others and learn about new things.
  • Television can motivate children to read, on the same subject as they watched on TV, for further information.
  • TV provides for educational purposes with advancement and online classes for the children.
  • The news being shown on news channels makes the general knowledge of kids strong and can be aware of various things around the globe.
  • Documentary programs can enhance the critical thinking and develop a mindset on the reality of the societal scenarios.
  • It provides for cultural, musical and other art forms to the children they are fond of or develop a taste in it.
  • Tele-Shopping channels offer great bargain deals for affordable shopping through the TV.

Conclusion: TV though regarded as an “Idiot box,” it still has a lot of advantages if used rationally. It can be of great importance when used effectively. It solves entertainment, educational, social and other purposes for all age groups.

By Rohan