Short Paragraph on Toys

A toy is an object which is made for the purpose of playing for kids. Toys are the major source of enjoyment for young children. Toys can be made up of different materials such as plastic, wood, paper, clay, etc. The world is now more obsessed with digital games such as video games on play station or x- box etc. Some toys are made for the purpose of collection only.

  1. Playing with toys is an essential part of children’s lives when they are young.
  2. Playing with toys inculcates many values and can be rewarding for the growth of children’s mind.
  3. Toys are a good learning tool, i.e., kids get to learn and experience new things while playing with them.
  4. Toys improve children’s skill set by making them more creative and artistic.
  5. Some toys tend to stimulate the sense of humour, wonder, discovery, reasoning, etc., which are vital for the proper overall growth of children.
  6. It is entertaining and enjoyable for kids that ultimately provides them with joy.
  7. Playing with toys and games also helps in new learning.

So, which is your favourite toy?

By Rohan