Short Paragraph on Water Pollution

The contamination of water bodies by effluent substances is known as water pollution. Water pollution leads to various health problems.

About water pollution:

  • One of the biggest causes of water pollution is untreated sewage.
  • International organizations have turned their attention to water pollution lately, and it has been a hot topic for debate in almost all developed and developing countries.
  • Ocean pollution has taken the place of air and land pollution as the most concerning type of pollution form in the current scenario.
  • The Dominican Republic is the most polluted country regarding ocean plastic, and India is not far behind.
  • Marine life and agricultural land has been walloped by the rise of water pollution and has been deteriorating rapidly
  • Some major sources of water pollution are -industrial waste, untreated sewage, plastic waste, these are some of the significant causes of the uncountable list of polluting water

Conclusion: Rather than concentrating the sources and we should shift our efforts towards keeping it under control. And the best measure we can take to is to spread awareness among people about its concerning repercussions and mainly to start with our kids.

By Rohan