Short Paragraph on Wisdom and Its Importance

Wisdom is synthesizing all the information into proper and correct decision keeping in mind all the aspects revolving around it. A person to have wisdom will attain calmness, patience, and diligence to take the right decisions.

Importance of Wisdom:

  • A person with wisdom listens to others, analyze the subject which helps in increasing his learning and understanding.
  • Wisdom made one’s life better as people tend to look around the corners of life and overcome challenges.
  • One may not have complete knowledge about everything, but wisdom can guide oneself to learn new things efficiently.
  • Making the right decisions lead to a peaceful life with no complexities of any sort.
  • Wisdom increases by spreading knowledge and not keeping to oneself.
  • It develops a human being as a person of high integrity, knowledge, and
  • People would always love being around a person with wisdom as they will have a positive aura 24×7.

Conclusion: A wise person is someone who realizes that wisdom is ephemeral; it’s an ever-changing state of knowing and understanding that is continuously transmuting, transforming and evolving. And, it requires balanced integration of the instinctual, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of knowing.

By Rohan