Short Essay on The Gift of Nature

When you look at your environment, there are so many things that surround you whether you can see them or not. Some are on the surface of the earth while others are beneath it. Nature is beautiful, and there are so many things that it provides us with to make use of and enjoy. These things are what we refer to as gifts of nature.

A lot of people have different lists for the gifts of nature. But the lists encompass things like minerals, stones, metal ores, trees, plants, the sun, the rain, water, salts, fuel, and so much more. All these are resources for human beings made available by Mother Nature.

All these gifts are essential for us, and we can harness their characteristics and enjoy the various benefits they have to offer people. With such gifts, nature enables us to enjoy life. Even so, there is a catch. We have a role to play, and it is to ensure there is a perfect balance.

Serves as a source of food and medicine

Plants and trees are a source of food and fruits. As it stands, plants are the healthiest food options in the world, and they nourish the world excellently. Other than their use for food, a lot of plants and trees are used for medicinal purposes. Even modern medicine still uses some plants and trees.

Can be used for economic growth and development

Mining the minerals, metals, and stones among others can significantly help a country to grow economically. These resources can be used in a trade or to make items that can be used by the public. In the process, there will be economic growth.

Offers us natural sources of energy

Nature gives us the sun energy that is good for our bodies. Other than that, it is also good for the environment at large. Other than that we can also source energy from water and the natural fuels we have.

The gift of nature is of great significance to us. To enjoy every benefit the gifts offer, we must play our roles diligently.

By Lorah

Short Essay on Role of Newspapers

Newspapers are an essential type of print media, and they have been around for a very long time. They always contain information that the public needs to know concerning everything in the world. The newspaper is released on a daily or a weekly basis. There are various ways to access information in this digital world, but newspapers remain to be a preferred source for a lot of people. People still love having hard copies.

The different roles of newspapers

To inform the people about political decisions in the country

The government has a lot to do and everything that the government decides on, the public needs to know. The information is passed down through the newspaper.

Informs about world affairs

If you want to know significant things that happen around the world, the newspaper is a dependable source. You will get all the details concerning the matter.

Informs about new developments

When there are new developments in any field of life, newspapers will contain this information. It can be medical, technological, agricultural, and so on. They help to keep you on the know.

Offers people an avenue for traditional advertisement

Whenever you want to advertise a business opportunity, your goods, or services, you can put it in a newspaper. It will have more viewings as compared to other methods.

They improve your vocabulary

Newspapers are excellent at helping people build on their vocabularies and their language. One will become more fluent in speech and capable of using a wide array of vocabularies.

Can offer solutions to life’s problems

Some columnists write on various life issues such as health, relationships, marriages, and so on. Everyone stands a chance to learn a lot and even get solutions to problems they face in life.

It spreads information more effectively

People from different parts of the world may not always have access to television to watch the news. Even so, they will get every vital information through the newspaper because newspapers can get to every man’s world.

Newspapers are indispensable to the society. They are valuable sources of information.

By Lorah

Respect Your Elders – Short Essay

We grow up knowing that people need to earn our respect and we need to earn theirs. This is true teaching. Different people earn respect in different ways. Some do it by accomplishing things in their lives while others receive it because of their age factor and knowledge they have. Someone who is senior to you by age, experience, or position deserves your respect. Those who are senior to us in age are our elders.

Disrespecting an older person shows moral bankruptcy, and it is a terrible thing. While some may provoke you, wisdom says that must refrain yourself.

Showing respect to your elders can be done in various ways.

Ways to show respect

Address them properly

Calling your elders by their name is a sign of disrespect. You can use titles like sir or ma’am instead of their names. If they are your relatives, use the relevant titles such as aunty, uncle, grandfather, grandmother, and so on. If you must call their names, attach the proper title before the name.

Watch your language while addressing them

In this generation, there is a lot of slang that the young people use. While addressing your elders, avoid such language and use appropriate words. Older people may not know what you mean when you use certain words. The chances are that you will have a communication breakdown. Also, because of the disrespect, you the person may also be offended.

Pay attention as they speak

Listening attentively as a person speaks is a show of respect whether young or old. As an older person speaks, avoid murmuring. Communicate with your body as well that you are paying attention. Maintain eye contact, sit upright, nod your head once in a while, and so on.

Be kind and loving

Simple acts of kindness can go a long way to show respect. If you see them struggle to do something, help them. As they approach a building, open and hold the door for them, offer a place to sit, and so on.

Respecting your elders is not something that you should debate about. One day you will be where they are now. Therefore, do not take it lightly.

By Lorah

Short Essay on Reality Shows

Reality Shows

Entertainment is an industry that is always growing, and when you think it cannot get any better, it hits you with reality shows. A reality show is a television program that features the ordinary lives of different people, their behaviors, interactions, relationships, and so on. It also involves the filming of real-life situations where individuals undertake specific tasks.

They offer a chance for people to be recognized for their talents

A lot of reality shows feature numerous talented people that the world knows very little about them. By starring in these shows, they get a chance to display their talents and people take notice of them. In a while, all major companies will be calling them, and they will break the grounds into different industries.

Shows us real-life situations of various celebrities

A lot of stars appear on reality shows. Often, when we watch them or read about them on different platforms, all we see is the glamorous life they have. We get to a place where we are envious of them thinking their lives are better than ours. However, reality shows help us see that they are just like us and go through the things we go through. These shows help us get the real pictures.

They are eye-opening

There are various types of reality shows that do not sell the drama in people’s lives. There are those that are highly informative. They teach you life-skills, how to do certain things, how to handle situations, and so much more. It is not all about the ‘women’s drama.’

They are real

We have enough productions that are scripted and fictitious. Reality shows offer something different. The experiences that you see different people go through are real-life experiences and not fiction.

To a great extent, they connect with our everyday life. They are a perfect show of what the society is at present. They are not a reflection of the society but the society itself.

Reality shows offer more than entertainment. Their value to the entertainment industry is unquestionable.

By Lorah

Short Essay on Plants


Plants are a type of living organisms whose cells are complex, and they manufacture their food. Scientists describe them as autotrophic eukaryotes. ‘plants’ is an umbrella term that covers trees, herbs, vines, bushes, mosses, ferns, green algae, and grasses.

Botany is the scientific study of plants. Botany shows that there are different ways to classify plants. One of the ways is whether the plant produces seeds or not.

Plants that do not produce seeds

They include:

Algae: the green algae, like other algae, live in water, and that is why they are called primitive plants.

Liverworts: these plants are tiny, and they live in damp places. They do not have a typical structure made of a root, stem, and leaves. They also lack vascular tissues.

Hornworts: They are similar to liverworts, but they but they have a sporophyte.

Mosses: Mosses are plants that grow near sources of water and on wet surfaces. These plants do not need soil for them to develop that is why they can grow on rocks.

Ferns: these plants are vascular. Like the other plants, it is found on damp environments but can survive longer with less water.

Plants that produce seeds

In this category, we have gymnosperms and angiosperms.


These are plants that do not produce flowers or fruits. Their seeds are not enclosed in an ovary. Examples include:

Ginkgo: the only species available is the Ginkgo Biloba. It has fan-shaped leaves and produces fleshy seeds. A tree can be male or female.

Conifers: their trunks are woody and bring forth cones that have seeds. A tree has male and female cones. The male cones produce pollen that fertilizes the female seed cone.


These are flower-bearing plants that have male and female parts. The male produces pollen grains that are dispersed and reach the female part to form an embryo. A fruit will ultimately be formed, and it will produce seeds and protect them within it.

Under this category we have:

Monocotyledons: they have one seed leaf such as a maize seed.

Dicotyledons: have two seed leaves such as beans

These are some of the things to know about plants.

By Lorah

Short Essay on Pilots

A pilot is a person who has the knowledge and skill of navigating an aircraft such as airplanes and helicopters. The thrill of flying around impresses a lot of people and being the person behind the control wheel makes all the difference.

Becoming a pilot

If you want to be a pilot, here are a few steps that you must be ready to take.

Get education

Like every other career, you must learn everything concerning this profession. There are excellent degree programs that one can take. Here, you will learn everything you need to know about planes and have an experience of flying an aircraft as part of the training. Military people also have an opportunity of learning how to navigate planes. Given a chance in the military, learn all you can. Background knowledge of aerospace engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science, and physics can give you a great platform to study aviation.

Flying hours

A pilot in training needs to earn the required flying hours before they can get their pilot’s license. To get this experience the aviation school you attend or the licensed instructor who is training you can help you attain them.

Get a license

After you have your experience, you can now apply for your pilot’s license. If there are any other requirements stated by the relevant body in the country, you are to fulfill them successfully before you get the license. This is necessary especially if you want to be a commercial pilot. Such requirements may include physical examinations to ensure that your senses are working excellently.

Carry out   additional training and tests

There are different types of pilot positions that you may be interested in. These positions may come at an extra cost. You may have to go through more training and complete different tests before you can get to the job you want. Other than that, you may also need additional licenses.

You are ready

When you have all you need; the experience, the licenses, and successful outcomes of different tests, you are ready for work.

Being a pilot is fun, and if you work hard enough, you can be one.

By Lorah

Short Essay on Phone


A phone is a device that a person uses to communicate with another person. This device has come a long way from its past to the present. Now we have smartphones that enable us to do a lot of things that other phones could not do. The previous versions of phones, and particularly the cell phones, were very limited to what you can do. Because of evolution, we have phones that:

Give you a lot of communication options

There is a wide range of communication options such as the use of emails, use of social media platforms, teleconferencing, video calls and video conferencing. Texting and calling experiences have become better.

Internet connection

Smartphones give you access to internet connection regardless of where you are. The beauty is that you will not have to depend on your computer entirely for internet connection. The smartphone technology is impressive and dependable.

Better features

The features of a smartphone are sophisticated and thoughtful. They always make everything quicker, better, unique, and they are beneficial. The lovely features also make them compelling and well suited for all functions. These smartphones also put a camera on everyone’s hands.

Exquisite functionality

The features that the smartphone has also enhance its functionality. Whatever task you want to perform on your smart device, you will accomplish it successfully. This includes functions like creating documents, making videos, making recordings, and so on.

A myriad of applications

There are so many applications out there that enable you to do so many things. There are applications for communications, for games, for editing different things, those that train you such as workout apps, and so many others. You can never be bored at any time with these apps.


Smartphones are much more secure as compared to the other phones. When you want to protect your information, you can use different security measures such as patterns and passwords. We also have a new generation of phones that can be protected by using your fingerprint, voice recognition, and facial recognition.

Phones are essential, but this era of smartphones is the most exciting era for everyone. These phones keep enhancing our experiences daily.

By Lorah

Short Essay on Petroleum and Its Uses


Petroleum is one of the resources that nature gives to us. It is a liquid substance that can be yellow or black, and it is found beneath the surface of the earth. The formation process follows numerous geological processes and takes more than a thousand years for the petroleum to form.

Formation process

Typically, the raw materials for petroleum are mainly dead organisms, and it is mostly algae and zooplankton. When they die and are buried deep beneath the surface below sedimentary rocks, the pressure is exerted upon them, and there is heat build-up. This process leads to its formation.

Petroleum has hydrocarbon as its components, and they have different molecular weights. It also contains some organic compounds. Petroleum is an umbrella term that includes the unprocessed crude oil that occurs naturally and the products made from petroleum.

Uses of Petroleum

Transport industry

The different types of petroleum products such as petrol and diesel are used by different modes of transportations across the world. Whether the mode of transport is by air, land, or sea, petroleum enables all these by its by-products.

Source of heat and light energy

Oil products are used for different purposes in shops, companies, and even homes and they have excellent heat value is excellent. Other than that, one can also use the less dense type of oil like kerosene for lighting at homes.


There are so many types of lubricants, and they come from petroleum. These lubricants are used on machines to help them work effortlessly by reducing friction between parts. Without it, the machine wears and tears quickly, and some fail to function.

Used in petrochemical industries

Petrochemical, as well as chemical industries, use by-products from petroleum to make products. These products include nylon, synthetic fiber, chemical fertilizer, insecticides, synthetic rubber, paints, insecticides, and more.

Petroleum is a crucial resource that has impacted our lives in ways that we cannot deny. It provides us with so many products without which our lives would be hard. All the crucial products and by-products are essential in life.

By Lorah

Short Essay on Pet Animal (Dog)

Dog (Pet Animal)

A pet is an animal that people keep at home for companionship, protection, or entertainment. Dogs are the animals that many people like to keep and over time people have concluded that dogs are friends to man.

As a companion, a dog will do almost everything with you as long as you train it and it will also protect you. In turn, you need to take proper care of it.

Taking care of your dog

Feed it properly

Just as you need healthy foods and eating habits, your dog also requires it. Give it a quality diet, and you will ward off a lot of health problems.

Clean the dog as well as its environment

Hygiene is essential for your dog. Take time to wash the dog with the appropriate shampoo once in a while. Also, clean its living environment as well as its dish.

Schedule for regular check-ups

Take the dog to a vet once in a while for check-ups. There are also some vaccines that it needs, ensure it gets them. Regular visits to a vet will help maintain good health and discover a problem before it goes out of hand.

Physical exercises

Dogs love to be engaged and to be kept active especially when young. Take your dog out for walks, play games with it, and so on. It is healthy for its development.

Proper grooming

Grooming is also essential for dogs. Take some time to trim its coat if it has a long coat. Brush it once in a while. When you notice the nails are getting longer, cut them to the right size. Also, do not forget about its dental care.

Provide it with fresh and clean water

Water is essential for the life of every creature. Ensure that your dog has access to clean and fresh water for proper hydration.

Administer oils

There are healthy oils that you can give to your dogs such as coconut oil, CBD oil, fish oil, flax seed oil, and krill oil. They have excellent health benefits when you use correctly.

Your dog’s health is as vital as yours. Take care of it to bring the best of it to the surface.

By Lorah

Short Essay on Personal Safety on Road

Personal Safety on Road

Personal road safety cannot be overemphasized. A lot of accidents happen every year, and some people survive while others perish. Some measures and guidelines are put in place to ensure that people are safe on the road at all times. All you need to do to ensure personal safety is to follow them.

Always put on your safety belt

Do not be among them that think their many years on the road and the experience they have gives them a pass at wearing their safety belts. Have the belt on every time. It will save your life at some point.

Always drive with the recommended speed

Drive within your speed limits. Do not overspend while driving or feel the pressure to speed because the person behind you is continuously hooting.

Drive when you feel most comfortable

If you are not comfortable with driving at night or under the adverse weather, do not try to drive.

Always communicate about your journey

If you are going on a trip, let someone know about it. Tell them where you are going, the route that you will use, and how long you need to get there.

Observe all traffic rules

Numerous traffic rules govern every driver. Follow the rules to the end to avoid causing any accidents.

Always have your phone with you

Before you travel, charge your phone. In case of any emergencies, you can use it to communicate.

Avoid hitchhikers

You are not selfish or wicket by doing so. People use this as a means to make you pull over, and they attack you.

If another drive seems to need help, call the police

If you are alone, the wisest thing to do is to call the police. Do not stop because it may be a trap.

Only stop in well lit and busy places

If you urgently need to stop, avoid areas that are isolated and dark. Drive until you find a safe place then stop and do what you need. Ensure that you lock your car.

These are a few of the guides you need. Prioritize your safety on the road as you drive because you only have one life.

By Lorah