Short Essay on Elephants


Did you know that elephants are the largest mammals that live on earth? That doesn’t surprise those who know the following facts. For instance, they weigh around six tonnes. On the other hand, their height is about 10 feet. There is, however, something that is worrying. Their numbers keep decreasing. For instance, it has dropped from millions to hundred thousand. The demand for their ivory explains that. As much as they are valuable, it is no secret that the benefits are short-lived. Equally important, they only benefit the poachers. What many people don’t understand is that there are many uses for elephants. That is why we saw a need to discuss them. You should keep reading to identify those gains that are associated with elephants.

The Uses of Elephants

  • Their droppings are an excellent source of manure. As a result, the soil becomes fertile, and yields increase consequently.
  • They are also great agents of seed dispersal. They contribute to ecological diversity through that.
  • The elephant is mighty enough to dig dry water beds. The result is water holes. They usually help human beings and other animals during the dry season.
  • They have a cultural impact on some communities. A good example is the Ashanti of Africa. Others find it significant for their religion. They include Asians who worship Buddhism and Hinduism.
  • They are a great tourist attraction. That has improved the economy of countries that preserve them.
  • If you tame elephants, they can be a great means of transport.
  • Others have been trained to do complicated tasks such as logging.


The discussion highlights the importance of elephants. As I conclude, there are other aspects worth jolting down. They are perfect when it comes to family bonds. For instance, a mother is willing to die to save the calf. They also have high memories and shows high levels of intelligence. Their gestation period is about 22 months which is almost equivalent to two years. From the discussion, I hope that you learn why conservation of elephant is so important.

By Winnie