Short Essay on Endangered Species

Endangered Species

Endangered species are animals that at high risk of going extinct. The main threat of these species is human beings. Some of them are poachers who kill them for their gains. Others have destructed their habitat. That has many adverse effects. They include hunger and exposure to poachers. There is also the consequences of climate change that also come as a result of human activities. The results of the extinction of the endangered species have a great negative impact on the lives of human beings. That is why there is a need for the protection of the same. It is only human beings who are wise and strong enough to protect them from their colleagues. This discussion points out the endangered species that need conservation.

The Endangered Species

  • Two types of gorillas are endangered. They are the Mountain and Cross Rivers Gorillas. That has been the case since 1996.
  • That same year, Amur leopard also became one of the endangered species. The main reason is their beautiful fur.
  • Elephants especially the Sumatran ones are also not safe. Their tusks are one of the reason. The other case is the destruction of their habitat.
  • The fur of tigers has also let to them becoming endangered species.
  • As for the rhinos, the case is extreme. There are five species, and three of them are almost extinct. They include Sumatran Rhino, Javan Rhino, and Black Rhino.
  • The scales of pangolin has also made them the most-hunted animals in the world.
  • Not even the sea is safe. That explains why vaquita is also on our list.
  • The Orangutan also need conservation. As of now, their population is around 6,000. They usually reduce by nearly 1% every year which is bad


There are others that are also under threat of extinction. Some are poached. Others have had their habitat destroyed. Something has to be done if these endangered species stand a chance to see tomorrow. Everyone should play a role in ensuring that it becomes the case. That includes helping and protecting them.

By Winnie