Short Essay on Engineer

An engineer is a remarkable person. That is why there are a lot of young people who inspire and dreams of being engineers in the future. The truth is their importance and contribution to the world’s development is indisputable. As a result, the field of engineering is very crucial and vital to the world. These people have made multiple technological construction and solutions rise thanks to their abilities. It does not come as a surprise since the name engineer comes from a Latin word called “ingeniator” which means to create, generate, devise, and contrive. All these values are present in a real engineer. This article will go into details about who is an engineer. It will also explain the roles engineers play in our daily lives. Read on!

Who is an Engineer?

Engineers are skilled men and women who invent, build, test machines and systems, design, analyze and most importantly fulfill structures’ requirements and objectives. They are different types of engineers. They include; chemical engineers, petroleum engineers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, civil engineers, computer engineers, aerospace engineers and so forth.

Roles of an engineer

  • Engineers come up with new and advanced technological solutions.
  • They define different problems through comprehensive
  • Engineers plan, analyze and then implement different systems to guarantee a successful project.
  • They develop machines, structures, apparatus, and
  • Electric engineers design and implement different electronic systems.
  • Computer engineers come up with computer systems, websites and solve different computer-related problems.
  • Engineers in concrete ways reduce poverty, protect our nations and save lives.
  • They come up with modern roads which improve the rate of infrastructure growth in our countries.
  • An engineer enhances the world we reside by coming up with cars and trucks which improve transportation.
  • Some engineers come up with military weapons and technology which keep our countries safe from intruders.


The field of engineering is increasing, and this is evident in all the developments we can record in the world. From the above discussion, it is clear that engineers are essential and play a vital role in the world we are living in today.

By Winnie