Essay on Uses of Newspaper

The newspaper is made from two different words News and Paper. News refers to information on Notable or New Events, Weather, Sports, and other Events. Paper refers to the flat sheets writing materials. When the two words are combined, it refers to a publication that consists of many large sheets of folded paper unto which, articles, photographs, adverts, news reports and other information of public importance is printed. Newspapers are printed on regular basis, say daily or even weekly. Once used for the primary purpose the usually very thin sheets of paper have many uses both in the household and in the business.

So, while reading the newspaper in the morning may seem to be its only use, a relaxing ritual for many, once the news has been delivered, the paper is available for various other uses. Do not simply toss it away; instead, recycle and use it for the following purposes.

Uses of a newspaper – Essay 1

  • Gathering news; newspapers carry the latest news, both local and international. It provides news on a country’s political and economic situation.
  • Advertisements; they enable the business to create brand awareness, market their products and expand their market. Conversely, it informs customers of the availability of certain products.
  • Education; newsprint feature informative articles that enlighten the readers. Reading the newspaper, therefore, improves one’s knowledge.
  • Cleaning windows; an old newspaper works better at cleaning windows than a piece of cloth. Add a small amount of vinegar and water solution for the best results.
  • Shelf-lining; line your cabinet, pantry, bathroom or dresser room with old newsprint. It provides an affordable option is easy to replace.
  • Soak up water; Newspapers are useful for drying waterlogged shoes. Whenever the rains catch up with you, simply crumble some and put them into your shoes.
  • Packing delicate items; to pack a box that contains fragile objects, first wrap each individually and place them in the box. Place crumbled paper between the items and on any remaining space.
  • Covering books; newspapers work well as covers for exercise and scrapbooks. They provide a more affordable option compared to shop-bought covers.
  • Stain protection; when using staining products like shoe polish or paint, simply place newsprint on the floor before you start. It will shield your furniture or carpet.


Newspapers have very many other uses beyond the catchy headline, the latest sports news, and adverts. In addition to the above uses, they can provide eco-friendly gift wraps, affordable floor covers, and to seal gaps in your doors or windows for drought proofing purpose. So, once you are done reading the headline, keep that newsprint well; there are many ways you can use it.

By: Joni Kim

Uses of Newspapers – Essay 2

They are multiple uses of newspapers by the people living in the world. The newspaper is so popular because they play a major role when it comes to informing about all the current issues and events. Continue reading to get the uses of newspapers.

They serve as sources of information about the current political and social issues.

Newspapers give information about games and sporting activities happening in the entire world.

Business newspapers help to tell all the important things happening in the field of business.

School newspapers inform relevant information about the educational background in the entire world.

Newspapers are also used to wrap presents. That is after weeks of being in the house; these newspapers can be used to wrap presents for birthdays and Christmas events.

Newspapers inform people about the fashion and model world. That is the social and beauty newspapers. They give guidelines to perfect skin texture and free from rashes.

They give information about the political situation in a country. Newspapers tell the truth of the happening political events in a country.

Community Newspapers give the economic, social, political and the general make up of a country. It simply tells the people what is happening in specific communities.

Some newspapers’ blogs are educative and give guidelines on healthy and efficient living.


As much as many of us have TVs and Radios in our homes, it is fair to acknowledge the work that newspapers do. They give us all the relevant information about every part of their world.

By Maureen

Updated on May 5, 2020