Short Essay on Community Helpers

Community helpers

You might often be surprised when you hear the word “community helper”. To explain in simple terms, a community helper is a person who helps others with their overall well-being. Community helpers can include people from various professions like doctors, construction workers and so on.

Community helpers play a very important role in keeping the community safe and healthy. They make sure that the community functions, efficiency and the people living there have a better lifestyle, free from any worries. Be it a clerk at your local grocery store or the farmer who provides you with fresh and organic fruits and vegetables are all community helpers. Let us now have a look at a few facts related to community workers.

Why are community helpers important?

  1. Children need to be taught about community helpers as they inculcate a feeling of responsibility towards their community.
  2. Community helpers are a part of our daily lives, without whom we are really incapable to handing certain tasks.
  3. Community helpers like doctors and dentists help us stay healthy.
  4. People who are into services or professionals make our lives better. It can be a handyman or a helper at the grocery store. By working together they improve the community as a whole as well.
  5. Community helpers in a way show us how all the lives of people living in a community are interconnected.
  6. Community helpers teach us how to be responsible towards our society and the community.
  7. Community helpers are the people who impact our lives to a large extent. For example, a postman delivers a letter even when it snows.

It is important that people are educated about community helpers and the role they play in making our day to day lives free from trouble. Knowing what they do might inspire a number of kids and teens to become community helpers themselves.

By Maanasi