Essay on Importance of Festivals in Our Lives

Importance of Festivals in Our Lives

A festival is a special occasion which has a religious and a cultural focus. Festivals not only include celebrations, but also include feasting. Festivals can also be celebrated due to folklore and some festivals have an origin from agriculture as well. Hence, some of the festivals are held to celebrate the harvest time.

A festival can be a day or a period where celebrations are held. Most of the festivals are celebrated annually, during which the same rituals are followed.

There are a number of reasons why festivals are important to us. A few of the reasons are mentioned below.

  1. Festivals are celebrated as a part of culture. It helps us stay close to our roots.
  2. Festivals are important as they bring in cheer and joy.
  3. Celebrating festivals at times shows the triumph of good over evil.
  4. Festivals are celebrated with your loved ones and this improves the relations among family and friends.
  5. Festivals create an opportunity where people can share their ideas and can also find a solution for their problems.
  6. People get the much needed break from their busy schedules and get to spend some “me” time.
  7. Festivals help build social communication and this in turn unites people.
  8. We can preserve our culture and traditions by following the festivities.
  9. Younger lot from the preset generation can be educated about history by celebrating festivals.
  10. People who are into business thrive during festive seasons as many love to shop for themselves and for their loved ones.
  11. Festivals are an ideal way for knowing about other cultures, traditions and the lifestyle they follow.
  12. Food is an integral part of festivities and you would certainly love to try out some amazing dishes during festival celebrations.
  13. Festivals bring in happiness for the poor as well. People donate during these times and this is when we can see a bright smile on their faces as well.
  14. Kids and adults do find a purposeful way of spreading joy within the family and in the community.
  15. A number of people often find their perfect match during festival celebrations.

The above mentioned are just a few of the benefits of celebrating festivals. If you enjoy doing so, do let us know what your favorite festival is and how you celebrate the same.

By Maanasi