How to stop pollution? – Short Paragraph

How to stop pollution?

Pollution is poison to the planet, and it is essential to learn how to stop pollution before it’s too late. The air we breathe in, the water we drink, the sounds we hear, pollution is everywhere. Pollution is a major threat to the earth right now and affects the life on it adversely.

  • To stop pollution, use more organic and environment-friendly products.
  • Learn to reuse and recycle products as much as you can.
  • Dispose of your trash in a proper place.
  • Use the environment-friendly mode of transportation like cycles, e-rickshaws, etc.
  • Try to use public transport to go to places whenever possible.
  • Try to carpool to work and office whenever possible.
  • Spread awareness in neighborhood, schools, and workplace about the steps on how to reduce pollution in small steps.
  • Make sustainable choices for energy and turn off the lights and electric appliances when not in use.
  • You can also join an environmental group to channelize your free time into something productive that contributes to the planet.

It is essential to understand your responsibility towards the planet and take steps to fulfill them. Your little effort can make a big difference.