How you spend your summer vacation? – Paragraph

As a student, summer vacations constitute a big part of your school life. How you spend your summer vacation has a significant impact on your overall development. Various activities pursued during the free time of summer vacation take a special place in one’s life and shapes him as a person.

  • You can spend summer vacations at a friend’s or relative’s house. You can plan fun activities and learn a lot from each other during the time.
  • Spend your summer vacations outdoors as well. Don’t just sit around at your home and watch T.V but go out and play some games, spend some time with others, visit parks, plan activities with your friend, etc.
  • A book is a best friend for life. It is a great idea to invest your time in summer vacations in reading books. Visit libraries and bookstores and read as much as you can. Reading improves concentration and opens a new space of possibilities for readers.
  • Try gardening. You can dedicate some time each day of your summer vacation to gardening. You may end up developing a green thumb and grow tasty vegetables and fruits.

It is crucial to take your summer vacation seriously. You can always learn something new and still have fun.