If I were invisible – Short Paragraph

Every once in a while, we are surrounded by a thought that what if I were invisible? There are so many things one could do being invisible, it just depends on your creativity and thought process. But if you are ever blessed with the power of invisibility, you can use it positively.

  • You can monitor crime as you are invisible no one would know you are there and, in this way, you could catch the criminals.
  • You can visit forests without being afraid of the animals.
  • You can help people by monitoring if the services at hospitals, NGOs, etc. are carried out properly.
  • You can visit factories to see if they have appointed child labor or if their workers are working in the degraded environment and have them reported.

Being invisible will give you the power to see the world differently. Everything will seem transparent as you can witness it all. It would be great if an ability like this would be used in a positive way and to abolish crime.