Paragraph on Adolescence

Those who are not sure what the term adolescence means, it is the period in a person’s life after the onset of puberty. This is when a young person is developed as an adult.

Adolescence is treated as one critical link between a child attaining adulthood, and this is when physical and psychological changes occur.

  • Adolescence is important as it fulfills the developmental needs of a child.
  • Adolescence lets the child develop knowledge and various skills and also helps acquire attributes that are needed to lead a decent adolescent year.
  • Enables the child to learn about self-control, manage his/her emotions and understand more about relationships.
  • Adolescence also leads to neuro-developmental changes, and these bring in abilities like decision-making, planning, seeking rewards and pleasure.
  • It also increases cognitive as well as intellectual capabilities.
  • Adolescence is a very rapid phase of human development.
  • Adolescence is often considered by many as a foundation for the future health of kids.

Now that you know what Adolescence is all about, it is time you educate your kids if necessary. This will certainly help them go through the transition process without much worry.

By Maanasi