Paragraph on Airplane – Meaning and Importance

Meaning: Airplane or aeroplane as it is often called is a fixed winged aircraft that uses a propeller and a jet engine. The airplanes are propelled ahead due to the thrust caused by the engine inside. While most of us have traveled by airplane a few or many times, its usage had helped millions across the globe.

The importance of airplane (aeroplane)

  1. Airplanes are used to transport people and goods from one city or country to another.
  2. Airplanes can be used to supply essentials to even remote places during the times of emergencies.
  3. They play an important role in rescue operations during natural calamities.
  4. Journeys are much easier and take a lot less time to travel to a different country. This is very much beneficial for business owners who need to travel to and fro for business meetings.
  5. Airplanes are also used in medical fields to quickly transport organs for transplant.
  6. Airplanes have changed warfare. Armies are sent to battle via an army aircraft.
  7. Airplanes that have been converted to air ambulance services play an important role in saving lives.

The advantages of airplanes are many, and we as humans will always be thankful to the one who invented the very first airplane – The Wright Brothers.

By Maanasi