Paragraph on Benefits of Science

Science is a part of our everyday life, and there is no second thought about the same. Science has provided mankind with a number of tools, technologies and much more. In simpler terms, Science is a kind of practical activity that includes the study of behavior and structure of the natural world via experiments.

Let us now have a look at some of the benefits of science.

  1. Use of science in the medical field has helped many and even reduced infant mortality rate.
  2. Science has led to the betterment of other fields like agriculture, irrigation, pest control, and many more.
  3. A number of modern inventions were made in the fields of communication and travel, all of which help us lead a better life.
  4. A number of diseases can be cured with ease and science is still being used to find medications for other deadly diseases.
  5. Science helps us to understand the age of our planet Earth and helps unearth a number of mysteries related to history, and space.
  6. Proper use of science can lead to many more inventions like including DNA fingerprinting, farms that are created genetically, etc.
  7. Human life has become comfortable and quite easy.

Well, these are some of the benefits of science when used correctly; well not to mention about the nuclear bombs and violence.

By Maanasi