Paragraph on Child Marriage in India

Child marriage means getting the children married. It generally happens with the permission of the two families. The constitution of India states that a girl can get married after the age of eighteen years and the boy can get married after twenty-one years of age. Getting children married below the prescribed age is illegal and must be stopped.

Child marriage is generally seen in some parts of rural India and has been a very old practice.

Families are often paid money to get their young daughters married to older men. People who do this say that this preserves the old customs. However, child marriage is illegal due to a number of reasons. Children do not understand the true meaning of marriage and forcing them to marry someone is against their rights and their well-being. They do not have a chance to follow their dreams and live their lives in their own terms.

Child marriage must be stopped, and the Government of India has made laws to make it illegal. Even then the practice of child marriage is present in a few areas of the country. We must all take part in stopping this evil practice and protect the children of our country.