Paragraph on Christmas Day

Christmas Day is celebrated to remember the birthday of the Jesus Christ. It is an important festival celebrated by the Christians on 25 December of every year. Christmas is the big festival celebrated in the season of winter. On this day all the members of family and friends spend time in preparing big Christmas decorations. The children enjoy this festival and spend the day of Christmas in playing with the new toys and gifts.

Children enjoy playing games with the toys which Santa clause brought for each of them. This the 25 December day of every year is a most important day for both churches and homes. There is a various method to celebrate the Christmas day with lots of fun which includes:

Christmas tree:

The festival of the Christmas is incoherent without the Christmas tree. Therefore Christmas tree is an integral part of the celebrations of Christmas. The celebration of the festival generally begins with the selection of the tree. The Christmas tree is decorated with the ornaments, blinking lights and colourful ribbons etc.

Christmas song:

Christmas songs are one of the most important parts of the festival. The latest collection of Christmas songs encourages a lot of lovers of music to fall in love.

Therefore with the help of some tips, you can celebrate your Christmas day festival in a fantastic way.

By: Sanjay