Paragraph on City Life and Village Life

Village life is simple and plain as the peoples of the villages are in direct touch with nature. While the city life is full glamour as there are many facilities in the cities. There is a huge difference between the life of the village and town. In villages, people spend their most of time in the fields and cattle. They spend their precise time in prayer to God. While in city people enjoy their time with comfort.

City life:

The life of the city is full of fantastic facilities. In cities, you can see the shopping malls, electric light in street and broad roads etc. There are many large cities where you can look at the factories, mills, and industries also.

Village life:

The life of the village people is very simple and busy. The environment of the villages is peaceful, and people breathe the pure air of the environment. The peoples living in the villages are active, simple and healthier than the peoples of towns.   Villagers have the excellent opportunity to enjoy the beautiful gift of nature given by the god to them.

Therefore you can easily see the difference between city life and village life. The life of citizens is much more comfortable than the villagers.

By: Sanjay