Paragraph on Clean India Green India

Clean India Green India

Denizens of India should strive for cleanliness and greenery. Go on one policy, i.e. “clean India green India”. Yes, there are various tips which can help you to make your country neat and clean. It is your own to clean your country like your house. You keep your home neat and clean then it is also your duty to make your surroundings clean and green with some simple tips.

You just need to change your habits to make your environment clean and free from pollution. Some tips which help in maintaining the India clean are given below:

Use paper bags instead of plastic:

To make your environment poison free you have to use paper bags and khadi bags. Plastic is like the poison for your animals and environment. Thus it comes into the body through the food which comes in plastic bags. So you have to use the fabric, khadi, jute bags etc.

Water care:

Water care is the critical factor in making clean and green India. The demand for water is increasing due to the increase of the population in the country. In villages, water is the primary source of irrigation in agriculture, so harvesting of rainwater is the best way to save water.

Tree plantation:

You can make your country green just by planting the trees because there are countless benefits of trees. It makes the surrounding green and pollution free.

By: Sanjay