Paragraph on Climate Change

Climate change is the change in weather pattern, changes in oceans and land surfaces. It is the phenomenon of change of season with respect to the growth of greenhouse effect in the environment. The climate change occurred in the environment due to the many reasons. The climate changes with the rising or falling of sea levels and oceans. It changes due to the change in the temperature of the environment.

Humanity increased use of fuel:

As the use of fossil fuel in a significant amount is the main reason for causing climate change. The peoples make use of oil gas and coal in large amount due to which the climate change occurs. Peoples use oil gas and fossil fuels to generate electricity and for running cars etc. the fossil fuels are used in large industries in the considerable amount due to the climate change.


The most important fact about the climate change is deforestation as the peoples cut trees rather than for planting. You have to plant more trees because the trees absorb and store gas carbon dioxide. So save trees save the environment.

Thus these are the primary factor which is responsible for the climate change in the environment.

By: Sanjay