Paragraph on Computer Networking

Computer networking has seen rapid strides over the past couple of decades, leading to the faster internet being available to a larger percentage of the population than ever before. The continuing innovation in computer networking will ensure that there will be a steady rise in the use of the internet in developing countries while making networking more secure for existing customers.

Trends in Computer Networking

The Internet of Things will see smart devices reaching your home and kitchen, as wearable devices communicate with each other to fulfil basic tasks. While 4G LTE is still catching up in many parts of India, its successor, 5G, has also made its subtle entry. There is sure to be an improved signal speed as more devices are built to support 5G networks to get more users on board.

The current internet protocol, IPV4, will soon give way to usher in IPV6. It is expected that this rollout will continue in 2018 and beyond for both business and home computer networks. Multi-band network routers are making their way into homes where users want to be able to use network bandwidth on different bands.

These trends, along with the rise of AI, herald fresh dawn for more rapid strides in computer networking.

By: Sanjay