Paragraph on Conservation of Environment

Conservation of Environment

Heavy floods, rise in ocean levels – the visible changes in weather patterns and melting of polar ice is beginning to alarm ordinary citizens. Global leaders are now beginning to realise that there was a lot of truth in environmentalists’ predictions for a dismal future if nothing was done towards the conservation of the environment.

Top Tips for Conservation of Environment

Some top tips that anyone can easily do every day for the conservation of the environment can be incorporated into your daily routine so that you know you are doing your bit to secure Earth’s future. You can replace your plastic toothbrush with a bamboo toothbrush so that you don’t clog up landfills with your old brushes. Another quick win for the environment is to replace all the old lightbulbs in your home with LED bulbs, which are brighter, longer lasting and use up less energy. They can even spell savings in your power bill!

While many cities have banned plastic bags, there are still stores that offer plastic bags for a small fee. When you go to the market, pick out a trendy cloth bag you can take with you instead of getting a plastic bag.

These tips are easy to carry out and are effective in the conservation of environment for future generations.

By: Sanjay