Paragraph on Dance

Hearing the beats of music probably lead to the first-ever dance steps taken by ancient man. Do you know what the history of dance is and how it came to be in its modern avatar? Let’s take a look at a brief history of dance.

It is believed that dance initially arose through rituals, to appease some or other nature entity. The rhythm was, therefore, essential to have a dance going, and evidence of these can be seen in various cave paintings and carvings from the times of ancient Egypt. Bharatanatyam, too, evolved from such ritualistic dances performed in temples as far back as the first century AD and still exists as an art form in modern India today.

Dance also evolved through the ages as a form of entertainment, or merriment, when people would feast together and celebrate. This sort of dance has carried on to its modern forms today either as a ballet for public entertainment, or more exclusive club performances in bars for raunchy patrons.

Throughout its various historical changes and keeping up with changes in music, the dance continues to be an art form treasured by cultures around the world. It continues to find new forms even today as new generations continue to innovate dance techniques.

By: Sanjay