Paragraph on Delhi Metro

Promising to unburden the choked roads of Indian metropolitan cities, the Metro rail project was welcomed by citizens all over the country. Many gladly suffered the minor inconveniences of land loss and traffic snarls caused by Metro construction so that they could enjoy the long-term benefits of faster connectivity. A shining example of this is the popular Delhi Metro service.

Facts about Delhi Metro You Should Know

Being the first ever Metro undertaking since the outdated Calcutta metro project, the groundwork for the Delhi Metro began in 1995 and was financed by the Governments of India and Delhi, in partnership with the Japanese International Cooperation Agency. By 1998, construction had begun, and the first phase was ready for use by 2002.

Today, the Delhi Metro is the 10th longest metro rail system in the world and sees one of the highest usages compared to major cities of the world. The high use of the Delhi Metro is due in main part to its efficient integration with existing public transport networks like the Delhi Transport Corporation bus service. By ensuring last mile connectivity and easy feeder routes to stations, the Delhi Metro has secured an enviable position of popularity for commuters in the capital.

The Delhi Metro continues to expand, and work on Phase III, and IV will expand its reach to 413.8 km.

By: Sanjay