Paragraph on Desert Animals

Deserts are a dry place where there is very less rain. Such places are hot and to survive their animals need special features that help them keep cool.

Desert animals are the animals that are adapted to living in deserts.

Desert animals live without much water and have to depend on the plants that grow there to survive. Semiarid deserts are the deserts which are not too hot such as deserts in Montana, Greenland, and Utah. You can find animals such as Kangaroo rats, skunks and rabbits make their homes in the ground since it is cooler. There are also many reptiles such as snakes and lizards. In hot and dry deserts such as in Australia, Ethiopia, and Arizona, you will find animals like foxes and coyotes. These animals can live without much water. Coastal deserts are the ones which are located near coasts. However, not much rain is received by them. These deserts are common in certain parts of South Africa and Chile. You will find coyotes, bald eagles and badgers are found here. A number of lizards and reptiles are also found. Camels are one of the most popular desert animals. It is called the ship of deserts.

There are many desert animals, and they have special features such as camels have humps to store water. These features help them survive in the hot and rough condition.