Paragraph on Diwali Celebrations With Family

There are lots of festivals and events which you can celebrate with family. Diwali is such a festival. It is known as the festival of light and people come out of, their houses to celebrate it with much fun and enjoyment. Diwali is a festival when you get to meet your friends and relatives and enjoy with them.

On the eve of Diwali, my entire family got together to celebrate it at my place. I got to meet my cousins after a long time. We got all types of firecrackers and waiting for evening. Once the sun was set, we started preparation for Diwali that included getting sweets for our friends and neighbors, arranging the firecrackers, lighting diyas and setting up the electric lights outside the home. After all, these were done, we set out to burst the crackers. Along with all the members of the family we lighted up our crackers and saw them burst and explode into colorful displays. The entire sky was lit with the crackers, and all of us had so much fun. After that, we greeted our friends and distributed sweets among us.

At the end of the amazing day, we were left with only sweet memories and the anticipation of the next Diwali. With the entire family celebrating Diwali, it was a truly memorable day.