Paragraph on Effects of Global Warming

The impact of global warming is underway, and it is time we act with responsibility to save our planet. In simple terms, global warming is nothing but the increase in the earth’s temperature on both land and water. Global warming can be caused due to various reasons, and it is showing a major impact on the people the oceans and the ecosystems.

The effects of global warming

  1. Global warming can cause a rise in the sea levels. As per scientists, this is happening due to the melting of the ice sheets located in Greenland and Antarctica.
  2. Global warming can also cause a number of Killer storms, and we all cannot ignore the severe impact of hurricanes and cyclones.
  3. A number of countries have seen major crop failure, and this is indeed due to global warming.
  4. Extinction of species can also occur due to global warming.
  5. Global warming can cause the disappearance of coral reefs.
  6. The sudden rise in the temperatures can also endanger the ocean ecosystems.
  7. Global warming also changes the rainfall patterns.

Now that we are aware of the ill effects of global warming, it is time we take precautions to safeguard our planet.

By Maanasi