Paragraph on Employment

Employment means the relationship between two persons where one provides the service and the other pays for it. The person who employs is known as the employer and the person being employed is the employee.

The employer can be anyone from large corporations to NGOs and businessmen. People have been employed to complete tasks of the employer in return for a certain payment for a very long time.

The relation between an employer and employee has not changed much over the years. However, unlike earlier when the employee was not much respected, in today’s era employees and employers share a mutual respect and trust. To protect the employees from unscrupulous employers countries developed laws. These made sure that the employer pays the required amount in exchange for their service. Nowadays the employee needs to sign contracts with employers to begin their work, and the term of employment is dictated by the contract. Self-employment is a term that means being employed in one’s own business. Both of these employments have their own share of advantages and disadvantages.

Employment is in huge demand right now due to the increasing population. It provides a way to earn money and live one’s life peacefully.

By Vishakha