Paragraph on Haste Makes Waste

Haste makes waste is a saying that is very old. It has been proved to be right, and we often face situations when this proverb comes to our mind. We, humans, are impulsive in nature, and we are always in a hurry to get things done. However, many a times we forget that we need to do it with care and make sure it is done correctly.

When we try to do something in haste more often than not we waste the opportunity by making errors and screw the job up. The proverb is meant to keep reminding us to do our work correctly and in a careful manner than rushing it. Patience and planning are needed to complete the task and do it correctly. The reason we do things in haste is generally due to poor planning. Thus if we wish to finish a work we need to first think about it and plan the finer details before jumping into it. However, sometimes we need to make haste to get our work finished.

Even then we need to take care of the work while doing it. The proverb is a very old saying and is true even after so many years.