Paragraph on History of Cricket

The history of cricket dates back to a sixteenth century and is one of the most popular sports in today’s era. Cricket has been played since the year 1844. In 1877, the world was introduced to the international cricket, and since then it has only grown.

Earlier cricket was played between counties with teams owned by individuals. After it became more popular, it spread to North America from the English colonies. Even in India cricket was established by the East India Company. Since then cricket saw a lot of new rules and regulations being implemented to make it a gentleman’s game. The first test match was between an England team and Australia in the year 1877. When it became too popular the Imperial Cricket Conference was established. The first members were England, South Africa, and Australia. Later India and other countries joined. Earlier the bats used in the matches were similar to hockey sticks, but with better technology and regulations they received their standard shape and dimensions. Tests, one day and twenty twenty are the three formats of cricket.

Unlike earlier when cricket was played in villages, now it is played in stadiums with thousands of spectators. Cricket is one of the major world sports in terms of viewers, participants and the interest of media.