Paragraph on Importance of Celebrating Festivals

Festivals have different religious origins, and people celebrate these by getting involved in traditional activities. Some of the festivals celebrated all over the world are Christmas, Thanksgiving, Diwali, Good Friday, and Eid. Different countries also celebrate harvest festivals or seasonal changes.

Festival is a day of a celebration that can even go on for a certain period, mostly for religious reasons.

The Importance of Celebrating Festivals

  1. Festivals help create an environment of cultural harmony.
  2. People can forget their enmity and bond in love by celebrating festivals together.
  3. Festivals also relieve us of our monotonous life. You can find festivals to be a mix of moral, cultural and ethnic values.
  4. Festivals carry a message of communal harmony to the future generations.
  5. For people who are busy, festivals mean spending quality time with family and friends.
  6. Most of the festivals include cooking a lot of food, most of which is donated to the poor, who in turn makes them feel happy.
  7. Festivals help in building social relationships, and this certainly leads to unity.

Festivals are not only important for a community but also play a pivotal role in the cultural development of you as an individual.

By Maanasi