Paragraph on Importance of English in Our Life

English is a compelling language. It is a universally accepted language to converse. We cannot deny the importance of English in our life. It is the most used language in advertising, in entertainment and even on the internet. English can help us to get access to a wide range of information.

  • People who speak the English language are open to more job opportunities. Businesses seek for employees who have fluent English-speaking skills to converse with clients from all around the globe.
  • English is the preferred language in the field of science and technology, and therefore English speakers have a higher chance to work in these fields than the ones who don’t speak English.
  • Parents of children studying in English school will have an advantage if they learn to speak English. Learning English would help them understand the school work of their kids better, and it would help them to communicate with their children adequately.
  • While traveling, English always comes to the rescue. Almost in every country, English is either a primary or secondary language, knowing English makes it easier to communicate with people while traveling.
  • As far as students are concerned, learning to speak English help them to access a tremendous amount of information. Almost all top academic research papers or journals are published in English. Hence English speaking gives students an edge over the non-English speaking students.

The fact that a lot of people use English around the world makes it essential to learn English. The scope of English will always remain prevalent in the future.