Paragraph on Importance of Growing More Trees

Trees have been in the world long before humans came into existence. Trees have seen organisms rise and fall. Due to modernization and urbanization, many trees have been cut to make more space for malls, buildings, apartments, etc. The Importance of growing more trees is increasing day by day.

  • Trees provide us with oxygen. 7.6 billion people breathe in this world, and as the population of trees to human population is decreasing, it is possible that one day people will struggle to breathe.
  • Trees take a long time to grow to full size, but they are cut at a faster rate than they are planted at. Hence it is essential for everyone to take the initiative and plant more and more trees.
  • As the pollution is growing day by day but the tree count is decreasing, the trees are not able to trap a lot of particles in the air. This leaves the harmful particles in the air, and we are prone to inhale them and suffer the adverse effect.
  • Human population is growing exponentially, but there are not enough trees to sustain that much life on earth. Hence it is essential to plant more trees.

It is high time that we focus on how vital trees are to the lives of humans and other living organisms. Therefore, it is required that every human should take the initiative to plant as many trees as possible and make this world breathable again.