Paragraph on Importance of Morning Assembly

Almost in every school, each morning students assemble at one place for the morning assembly. It is when the prayers are said; the news is read out, the national anthem is sung, etc. Every school knows the Importance of morning assembly and has this culture incorporated into their curriculum.

  • During morning assembly, students from different classes stand together. This develops a feeling of connection and unity among the students.
  • Morning assembly often addresses essential information and instructions that every student should know. This way students understand the school curriculum more clearly.
  • A morning assembly helps every student to identify with the school.
  • The morning assemblies motivate students by incorporating positive reinforcement in the form of rewards.
  • It also encourages students to speak in front of the school and hence build confidence in students.
  • A morning assembly leaves the student with a positive mindset to continue with the studies throughout the day.
  • A morning assembly is the perfect representation of the school where all the students from different classes and branches stand together along with the school teachers, principal and support staff.

School is the most crucial institution in a student’s life conducts morning assemblies to motivate children and to fill them with positive encouragement for the rest of the day.